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Travelling Nanny
Travelling Nanny
20 hours ago

Travelling Nanny

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Traveling Nanny that is happy to be traveling again.

#WWG1WGA #digitalsoldier #GodWins #KAG #Qarmy #TheBestisYettoCome #1776 #Theearthisa HORIZONTALplane,ishallNOTbeMOVED No DM replies!


In response Ella Elaine to her Publication

🙏 NOTHING would surprise me, Ella.
It's why I stay away from EVERYTHING
the deep state demons "make."

EVERYTHING packaged, canned, bottled,
plastic water, frozen, fast food, sodas,
Energy Drinks—all of it
is designed to kill us 💥

Underneath most "food" plants
are D.U.M.B.S & tunnels.

I leave it to you to infer that
deep state demon food "ingredients"
are unspeakable evil 💔😔

♥️God, Family & Love for Animals, Trump, Q & Anon Fan, Hoping & Praying for a Better World🙏......WWG1WGA

👏👏👏👏.....Possibly The Most Epic School Teacher Speech Standing Up To Her School Board...👊

1st QtheGathering was 2023! Supporter of Q& Q+,Vets, Family& Soul Tribe Vibes! Gratitude & Love for God, Jesus, Mother Mary

Trump is my President We are in a war of God vs Evil Hold the Line Justice is Coming. Texas Strong #savethechildren WWG1WGA

In response trueblue to his Publication


Not a scientist, nor do I claim to be one...T-shirts, blue jeans, baseball hats and beer...Stealer of fine memes...Frequent F-bombs 😬🤣

There's a recall on cucumbers because 30 people got sick after eating them.

Millions have died after getting jabbed, but the vaxx rolls on...

Trump is my President We are in a war of God vs Evil Hold the Line Justice is Coming. Texas Strong #savethechildren WWG1WGA

No horses no wagons no Oregon Trail ?
More lies

#WWG1WGA #digitalsoldier #GodWins #KAG #Qarmy #TheBestisYettoCome #1776 #Theearthisa HORIZONTALplane,ishallNOTbeMOVED No DM replies!

Barbara Oneill
Many people say peroxide is beneficial, but here's what they don't say!

1. Destroying viruses: 3 drops of peroxide in each ear - and colds are gone! It also helps get rid of earwax.

2. Destroying germs: add 0.5 liters of peroxide to 3.5 liters of water and spray in the air to kill airborne bacteria.

3.Teeth whitening: 2 tsp water to 1 tsp peroxide, rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth.

4.Hair bleaching: use peroxide as a regular bleaching product.

5. For runny nose: 1 capful of peroxide to a glass of water, rinse your stuffy nose.

6. For toothache: mix coconut oil with peroxide and rinse your mouth.

🇺🇸💯💟 our President Trump❣️


(Panda Oreo)

2:13pm Eastern

♥️God, Family & Love for Animals, Trump, Q & Anon Fan, Hoping & Praying for a Better World🙏......WWG1WGA

I have been following what is the truth❓ since the recent fraud issue in the U.S.🇺🇸 presidential election.

In response Jonella Moore to her Publication


In response Redwave Crashin to his Publication

Context: I have/had a melanoma on my back for several months. I just learned that's what it was last week.. I took to Twitter/X & discovered through the community that ivermectin & castor oil are a match made in heaven. Ivermectin is a parasite killer. Cancer is a cellular parasite. Castor oil gets deep beneath the skin & into the blood stream. This allows the ivermectin to follow suit. So far it's working tremendously!! I just took my first dose orally this morning. It's nasty but it's effective!! I and so many can see the changes. I feel the difference when I rub my applications on everyday!!
There's hope without Drs 🙏

😻 As I understand it —
MED BEDS have been around for millennia.
They’ve been hidden from Humanity
because IF we were restored to our DIVINE LIGHT
we’d ASCEND out of here ASAP
& the deep state monsters, who are PARASITES
blood, bones, organs, etc. THEY would perish.

After Special Forces & MWD's blow up the D.U.M.B.S.
ALL ARE HEALED in MED BEDS: Soldiers, Children—ALL 🇺🇸🐕🪖💖

The demons show us MED BEDS IN MOVIES
but we THINK it's SCI FICTION. Actually it’s SCI DOCUMENTARY.

🇺🇸 Gene Decode
“The cabal have been living high & mighty
on technology centuries ahead of us..
They're going places 100 light years away in 1/2 hour..
I’m wanting to get these technologies & healing to people” 💞🕊️

MED BEDS will roll out with the RV.
There are DS FAKES out there that charge $.
This tech will be FREE FOR EVERYONE 🙏🏻

😻 A fun 11-min MED BED vid ICYMI

#WWG1WGA #digitalsoldier #GodWins #KAG #Qarmy #TheBestisYettoCome #1776 #Theearthisa HORIZONTALplane,ishallNOTbeMOVED No DM replies!

Digital Warrior who took the Oath! Thriving in Free Florida Sending Love, Joy & Blessings from our Dad... To ALL on Earth & ALL Above

WHEN will Humanity WAKE UP
that ALL Viruses are Manmade
& Vaxes CAUSE Diseases & Harm

Rockefeller took over Med Schools
& created Big Pharma to Keep Us Sick,
sell poisons & make Humanity DIE early ?

President Trumps team have deliberately allowed this verdict. Why? Only good reasons. Presidential immunity has been removed now that he is a convicted felon. This means all past Presidents and Biden can now be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. It is also highlighting a corrupt system with a corrupt judge and possibly a bought off jury. Sleepers need to see this. Also exposed is the formula for destroying decent candidates with integrity - using a corrupt system and media to smear and character assassinate. Obama, Clinton, Bush and Biden now know for certain their fate, thanks to Trumps brilliant plan.