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Enough already! If you ever even begin to start believing anything anyone in Republican leadership tells you just watch this. Pay close attention to those that don’t seem bothered by this. They’re not our friends.

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Soon evidence will surface that shows
the Biden Admin PAID these corrupt
D.A.'s & Judges, to bring these bogus
cases & attempts to JAIL DJT.

The D.A.'s ALL made trips to DC
for their orders from the Biden team



I do not know why people try to say Donald Trump supports Zionism when Iraq outlawed doing business with them for every citizen based on the advice given to them by D. Trump. Many people do not know this.

I do not care that he received a Zionism award.

I do not care that he received money from pri Israeli intrest.

I do not care that he prayed on the infamous Western Wall.

Because all of this is formalities.

None of this lead to D. Trump undermining the laws of this country.

None of this lead to him subverting the constitution for to line his own pockets.

None of this lead to him accepting bribes to sell info or create bureaucratic red tape for our most innovative and creative minds.

Have you noticed everyone that accuses D. Trump of having Masonic & Zionist ties can never point out how he is using those connections to destroy this country?

The only reason these people are Kissing up to D. Trump whether they are Freemason or not is because

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New York Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan is an Out of Control, Biased Corrupt Judge and is Orchestrating this trial to Imprison Trump. He even expanded the gag order on Trump to protect his own daughter, who has admitted to having conversations with her father Ex Parte – This judge is conflicted by using his power for personal gain. The mere fact that he is having discussions with his daughter, who is anti-Trump, disqualifies this judge.

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In response Jody Donohue to her Publication

I love this post, lol! I watched it non-stop like 20 times, it excited me about Trump itching to put them out!

Hold the line is at 9.412.10%, let's get this done!! #WWG1WGA

One minute I hate Trump and then he does a 180-deg turnaround, all part of this fooked up show. https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2024/04/17/barr-ill-vote-for-trump-because-continuing-biden-is-national-suicide/

In response sharon pasvant to her Publication

The things we want to see would be Justice Served to the Evil Traitors.

This video drives the Fake News Nuts

They are going after supporters in their rants this week.

Also calling President Trump Lazy so…..
This video is like a punch 🥊 in their face from him.

I'm just Tone . Patriot. Knots a bit with the language -but clearly we communicate when there is A ❤️💯%

I'm starting my morning off pondering a question. I just saw Sonny Hostin from The View (I call it The Spew), say she hates Donald Trump but could be an impartial juror. Come on now...that cannot be true. But I'm thinking to myself, this woman now stating she hates someone, but claims to be a loving Christian. Where are we commanded to hate others? How are we supposed to treat others, and especially our enemies? Does anyone else see this?

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Hold the line is at 9.412.10%, let's get this done!! #WWG1WGA

You would need to live out in nowhere and have no TV or internet, or live under a rock to not know what is going on.

One hails from Ireland, works as a salesman, and is reportedly set to serve as the case’s foreman. The juror told the court he reads MSNBC, The New York Times, the Daily Mail, and Fox News, and reportedly said he has “heard of some” of the other lawfare cases being waged against the former president. https://thefederalist.com/2024/04/17/trumps-peers-on-n-y-jury-get-news-from-the-propagandists-at-google-tiktok-new-york-times/

TRUMP 2024

Did you know;
Merchan's daughter got paid $4 MILLION by Adam Schiff.
Merchan's daughter has fantasized about Trump in prison on social media.
Merchan's wife works with Letitia James.
But President Trump has been gagged!

Why is Judge Juan Merchan still allowed to preside over the case against President Trump?
In 2020 he donated money to Joe Biden, Trumps opponent.
He donates to progressive causes and causes against republicans.
His daughter worked for the Kamala Harris campaign in 2020.
His daughter works for democratic candidates around the country.
He was appointed to the bench by a democrat.
How is this not considered election interference?

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