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History Books.

Good Morning AU

Patriot. Veteran. 😎 QAL stan. Just call me Smoo. 🤗 Animal Rights = Human Rights. #Godwins.

In response Kim Runner to her Publication

AU is like coming into the warm house with a cup of hot chocolate waiting for you while you defrost and get recharged to go back into the massive snowball fight outside. 😂

AU is like a peaceful breath of fresh air.
Grateful for it! ♥️

God. Married to @greeneyedkatt. Family. Patriot. 1A/2A. Bill of Rights. 1776. 1871.

Heyy, AU ... this is Green-eyed Katt (Katherine) again ... not a whole lot to update on Barry yet. He remains heavily sedated and on the ventilator. Several attempts to wean sedation have been made without success. BUT, there ARE glimmers of hope. His vital signs and everything else looks really good. It's just going to take time for the brain to heal and flip the switch back on (he sustained several brain bleeds). Please keep praying for him. And pray for me. PLEASE. I am being transferred to an inpatient rehab facility tomorrow to rehab my injuries and leaving Barry is going to be soooo hard. It's literally breaking my heart.

MUCH appreciation for each and every one of you. Truly. God bless. XO

God. Married to @greeneyedkatt. Family. Patriot. 1A/2A. Bill of Rights. 1776. 1871.

Heyy, AU ...this is Green-eyed Katt ... I am married to Barry B (55QPatriot) ... we were involved in a really bad car accident Friday evening and Barry has yet to regain consciousness. He is intubated and on a ventilator. I am asking each one of you who happens across this post to please pray. And pray without ceasing. Much appreciation to you all.

Good Morning AU!

Good Morning AU!
Happy Friday. ♥️

A passionate seeker of the TRUTH who definitely was not created 2 fit In I definitely was created 2 stand out"

Hope you all have a great day.

Good Morning AU.
Happy Friday ♥️

Z on X...

10:36am Eastern

Good Morning AU.
Hope everyone is hanging in there.
Sending you all some ♥️

DJT speaks today at 4pm Eastern

Z on X this morning

11:02am ET

VK's APL got an increase to 9.654/10

*last increase was 9.639/10 on 10.21.23

6:05pm Eastern

Entheos on TS - 7:04pm Eastern

Good Morning AU.
Hope everyone has an awesome day! ♥️

Not Tom. Tom just reminds me of better times when MySpace was first started free from Deep State.

We are blocking the attacks to our site. Apologize for the downtime yesterday and today. Something must be brewing for them to come after AU this hard.