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"Dead Sea Scrolls" yield "major" questions in Old Testament understanding

In response Robert Wakefield to his Publication

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Good Morning, Robert 😊

Is this a COMM or coincidence? 🤔

Vladimir Putin does his interview in front of the GREEN LIGHT. 🤦‍♂️

At this point I believe there are no coincidences.😉

Comms are hot and there all pointing to its Go time! 👊 🌎 🐸



Of course

It’s called propoganda

Mahdi of Islam comes to claim the manhood of men back
He was born on December 25… Ramadan 1… Hannukah 7…. Solar calander 1965… under the star Ikeya seki 2965.. look it up… he will be under the eclipse of 24 as he was under the eclipse of 23 just as much as he was under the eclipse of 17… just as he was under the eclipse of 12…. The bride of Christ is to be given away by the mahdi fortold in the prophecy of the two eclipses and revolution 12… and intertwined in the lsd church… crazy I know but true!

Pay close attention to this video of Joe Biden and you will see something they don’t want you to see!
Ans in thread

NATO has given Ukraine permission to strike targets inside of Russia with soon to be delivered F-16 jets says NATO chief in an interview today.

Putin warned that if US made F-16 jets strike Russia Ukraine may no longer be the only target.

Escalation warning!

Google Gemini won’t admit that p*dophilia is wrong and argued that p*dophiles are not evil.

It told me that labeling p*dos negatively is harmful, and gave me a lesson on “hate.”