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Sey Bird

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Is there something VERY strange going on here on anonup? For weeks now, anonup has been showing me that several new users are following me every day (it used to be one a month at most). I now recognize a pattern: all the new followers are brand new members, i.e. "joined in January 2024" - but they all already have several hundred followers and follow several thousand themselves - all of them, mind you.

I have the impression that anonup is currently being infiltrated or flooded en masse by bots or "cockroaches".

Perhaps it would be worth pointing this out to the operator of this site to take a closer look.

I was previously on anonup for 2 years - then I left because everyone was just going round in circles and nothing really trend-setting was coming and really important and critical articles were NOT getting any attention.

Now I've looked in here again and - although I'm completely inactive - I'm flooded with "new follower messages every day!!!!


Miss you......