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Enjoy the moment, take full advantage of the situation
Do not let this opportunity go to waste
Your welcome

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Will do asap

Ego should have no place, in the heart of man! Numquam Cedere -Never Surrender ***5 Year Active Duty Veteran- Operation Desert Fox.

29 April
People ask me why I still post Drop memes. This is why.
Drop 1296

“Peace manifests externally but begins internally--that is, in the thinking, idealism, and mental discipline of each individual. Peace must begin with the individual and work outward.” Ralph M. Lewis

There's no such a thing as righteous anger! Anger is a blindness for it will never SEE the solution to a perceived problem on both sides. Anger is deafening for it will never hear the plight of the suffering but only the side to which anger is directed. The radical left is proof of this! One must be at peace within ourselves to reach a desirable outcome on the material realm. Righteous anger can only manifest more anger because peace does not exist within so when does the retribution end? The Middle East comes to mind.

Be wise in your judgement, be stoic in your war. Above all, be in peace.

Ego should have no place, in the heart of man! Numquam Cedere -Never Surrender ***5 Year Active Duty Veteran- Operation Desert Fox.

Use your feelings, not your emotions

Awhile back "WE" had informed you of their plans and how [THEY] hate you with a passion, some listened but many more ignored for following accounts that have no clue nor the mental prowess to Overstanding the code or the system built for (their) dominance. Are your eyes opened now?
Did you know that [THEIR] favorite meat is lamb? Think about it, connect the dots,
Contemplate! Where have you heard of that word before?

There are no coincidences!!!

Notice Co. name

Massive Shift incoming

Prepare for the fall !!!

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At point, awaiting the above and the below time
How do you like our works? Told you [THEY] are sick
Several pros and acts have flipped, many more have pledged allegiance, others will not interfere, frightened, others will fight
They have kissed my flail and ring of peace
They thought he was untouchable

Laugh and mock all you want,
You will not be doing it for long

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Thank you for releasing that and you are most welcomed


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Awaiting patiently for the day.
Ready, [They] will not know what hit [them]

How do you like the }work?{
No one involved will escape

NO ONE! Wrath - Vengeance - Justice

A civil war is a battle between two armies of armed civilians, (militia/military) of the same nation vying for power and control, so of course there will not be another civil war in America because the invaders are NOT from this nation. Not a civil war since there's nothing civil about any of it, but another war for independence

"We are taking back our country" - President DJT

Innerstand what you are hearing and what you read

It is closer than first believed

BTW, that is NOT an Illuminati ritual. That is a Ba'alien (Abrahamic) rite of passage. The Illuminati would never subject such indecency and indignant disrespect towards any one person, even if s/he wronged in any way, save murder. Tell the truth!

In Communism there are no Congressional seats or districts. There is only the party and its members and then there is you, so no, this is an invasion to weaken the Nation from within. Not for Congressional redistricting. You need look no farther than Venezuela.

Tactics of Los Asombrados
Old Kush, Ancient Egypt, Canaan, Old Rome, Old Greece have all fallen to [THEIR] scheme, and now it is America's turn, so [THEY] believe