trevis john
8 months ago

trevis john

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Suspected Chinese spies in disguises tried to enter Alaskan military bases

Tragic Legacy: Son of Red Sox Legend George Scott Commits Unthinkable Act, Shattering Lives Forever!

Michigan vote fraud witness assassination attempt!

Good one 😹

🇺🇸 My sentiments exactly, Kash.

Christopher Wary broke the law &
the FBI is in contempt of congress
for NOT turning over the document asked for
[& not releasing the contents of Seth Rich’s laptop, BTW.]

Kari Lake won without a doubt
we have the film.

The J6 prisoners are INNOCENT
we have the film.

The drop boxes were stuffed
we have the film.

Hunter is guilty
we have endless film, evidence, testimony.

President Trump won 2020
we have evidence in countless states.


This HAS to be a movie
& I would like it to end.
Can we roll the credits on this phase please, QTeam?

Let’s get to the good part —
The FIGHT BACK!! Arrests, Tribunals,
the “official” reinstatement of Trump in 2023! 😹🙏🏻🍿

#ITrustThePlan ❤️🎥

Horrific video shows nearly 40 teens viciously attacking off-duty Marines on Calif. beach

AOC shouted down during chaotic NYC town hall: ‘You’re a piece of s–t!’