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In response arba happihr to her Publication

I worked on South Beach
as a young photographer back then.
Did print work for a photographer
on the second floor above the
News Cafe.
Knew Andrew as a late night dancer
where famous
Drag Queens would show up
after their performances,
at my friend Sam’s club.
He banked from that
late night crowd.

No one believed Andrew had done it
within their community
according to Sam.

Just found the only image of a
Strong Possibility they both
Faked Their Death Arba.

Hoping Hawaii can return to the
values once held prior to this evil.

I am so grateful I am feeling like 9 of cups :o)

In response URBAN SQUIRREL to her Publication

I remember when this Versace event happened.
I thought it was weird.
His sister changed her looks, she looked bad imo
$3500. 00 dresses, and $2000.00 shoes.
Hawaii supports the wealthy.
I remember when it didn't.
Everything makes more sense .
I see timelines when they infiltrated our state
Once you point them out. 😊
I hope the good people were able to use the witness protection program.

In response Christine De7 to her Publication


What an incredible connection Christine,
truly one I never knew and
had access,
being asked to help in
searching for Andrew.

In my long term perspective…..
The Fashion Line prospered enormously.

In response URBAN SQUIRREL to her Publication

Here is something: In 1997, fashion designer Gianni Versace was murdered at his home in Miami. His killer, Andrew Cunanan, committed suicide on a houseboat shortly thereafter. The owner of the boat was a German businessman who held a Sealand passport. Sealand?

The Principality of Sealand is one of many "micronations." Yes, it has a national anthem and a national motto: E Mare Libertas, “From the sea, freedom.” The show 60 minutes just did a story on Sealand.

Watch this video:


Sealand — The World's Smallest Nation? - YouTube

Just off the coast of England in the middle of the North Sea stands an abandoned World War II era fort. That fort is now the home to the Principality of Seal...

In response Love Life to her Publication

From my experience as a photographer on
South Beach back in the early 1990’s….
When I was on a shoot with
Naomi Campbell as the lead model,
the illusion of being thin is deceiving enough,
outfits were designed to distract
in a creative manner.
In the case of
Gianni, Donatella and Santo Versace,
inversion was glorified in the
Fashion Industry.

The TomFoolery behind
Gianni’s death needs to be exposed.
Andrew Cunanan was a good person who
was improperly accused of his death,
while the exposure boosted his
clothing line, as
Donatella ran the show.

It is possible he faked his death.

How much trafficking goes on with that industry?

All Men👇👇👇

In response Yankee Carolyn to her Publication

Briefly….it was a closed set.
Wished I had the honor
to have been introduced.
Such a polite and respectful person
from people who
did work with him.
When a movie is being filmed on the
Florida Beach Coastline,
a restaurant is acquired to
feed their employees.
Those of us who are associated
with the
Movers and Shakers…
Have inside cool vibes and
a few stories.
South Beach was still a
respected place to film
as well as photograph
for three months out of the year.
back then.

In response URBAN SQUIRREL to her Publication

Did you see Robin Williams?

In response Yankee Carolyn to her Publication

Bird Cage was a fun production on
South Beach.
Vibes were amazing.

What most people will not understand historically about the
Miami Scene….
Straight men dressed in drag
without ever
bringing children in that mentality.

Had the blessing to
photograph incredible performers
La Cage aux Folles.

That was it,
they were in theatre.
They went home to their families.
Not all….most.

This was
Fetish Night meets
Beautiful Performers,
down in Ft Lauderdale.

From the private collection.

In response URBAN SQUIRREL to her Publication

ty. I've seen this, and the first thing that comes to mind is Nathan Lane (with Robin Williams) in The Bird Cage.
the prevalence of this, as you alluded to, is mind blowing
AND so so obvious now, i don't know how we previously fell for it outside of explanations of mass MK Ultra or witchcraft.

In response Yankee Carolyn to her Publication

I have photographed hardcore athletes that
look just like Lara though,
including family members who compete
as body builders.

There was a true deception going on
within our government.

It is interesting to research behind
understanding this.👇👇👇

In response Love Life to her Publication

There are many examples of deception in
not only the governments, it is
all throughout Fashion as well.

Ironically in this search,
there appears to be only one
image with
Gianni Versace and
Princess Diana.
Look how evil he looks
kissing her hand.

Did they both fake their deaths?

In response URBAN SQUIRREL to her Publication

Ugh. NO telling what Diana saw. I was so glad to find out young, when I was a young model, that it was a horrible thing. Never forget those young girls being told "not to eat too much" and so many of them with FULL blown anorexia already.

In response Stephanie Foster to her Publication

Tried the modeling scene in early 1990’s
up in
New York and
South Beach.
There are people that will
scold their money maker model
not to be tempted to eat and
give them blow, openly.
Now I understand the term was

Who knows what was happening
behind closed doors.

In response URBAN SQUIRREL to her Publication

Never lost a call, but at the same time, saw devastated girls when they didn't get "the job". THEN find out the "super models are dudes" very dark industry.

In response Stephanie Foster to her Publication

I did not see it….
Through my NIKON cameras.

💥pun intended💥

Sadly so many
aspired to be
Not Him.😉

In response MATTHEW Bissanti to his Publication

TRUE!!...just have to get everyone on board to grasp it

In response Daniel Sunday to his Publication

We are exposing them Daniel.🙏🏽

In response Justice Peacefully . to his Publication

In all of this….
I never figured it out as a young photographer.
The whole
Adonis Belt and
Square Jawline
was part of a
Fashion Scene thing.

Our Melania is a
First Lady.
It is possible many were men.

Please note the facial structure.

GOD FEARING, Thankful Old Carpenter, I stand for freedom our Republic. Took the oath to the Constitution, and will keep it! WWG1WGA!

In response URBAN SQUIRREL to her Publication

How Did People Not See It?
Its As Plan as day

In response chopsy mopsy to her Publication


In response URBAN SQUIRREL to her Publication

Terrance Stamp

In response Yankee Carolyn to her Publication

My theory is their body doubles are male….
Melania is a woman.

The reality of over 50 attempts on
President Trump’s life in office,
mask technology was used to keep the
Family and
Our Beautiful President safe.

In response Love Life to her Publication

You do make an excellent point….
The mentality exists for sure Love.

Knowing how evil Jared was and
possibly a hardcore Lucifarian….

In my heart, hope not.😏

God - Family - Friends - Dog - Country - "Those (good) who know, cannot sleep"

In response URBAN SQUIRREL to her Publication

Yes, this may be correct (hormon therapy etc.) of course, so we have always to proof all other male indexes (fingers, hips...). I have done A LOT of research many years and I am sure, that the Trump wives are all well operated males. If you realize what they have all in common and why they are doing this, it all starts to make sense. This is BIGGER than most can imagine and it is not only about optic. Beautiful woman? No, Squirrel, come on.... It´s a Dude.

Two Dudes

In response Love Life to her Publication

Love the subject of photography….
Ivana was
A Beautiful Lady.

This video you shared earlier
was okay.
Content Provider is green.
No Worries.
We should factor in
hormone therapy and
social engineering though.
Many were
given hormones
during pregnancy
to affect the fetal development.
This was

The human body is a spectacular
subject to photograph.
So much was done in the
‘Dark Room’….
Not just a factor,

We are capabable of
Critical Thinking
As a long time photographer
spanning four decades….
There are way too many variables.
Found images of my own modeling days,
where I can promise you,
God made me who
I AM …..
that will remain the same,
until I gain
True Angel Wings.
I too look like
there was a possible Adam’s Apple
in those
skinny modeling days of
film photography.

My jazz teacher escorted
Sarah Vaughan….
Nights of cocktails and stories
revealed quiet truths.

In response arba happihr to her Publication

Agent Orange was still being used in
South Florida beach line on
Dania Beach,
Ft Lauderdale and
My friend owns a house there and
confirmed it.
Had a beautiful friend who was a
Park Ranger on that property that
died of cancer almost twenty years back.

The government settled with the
remaining living
Vietnam Veterans who
suffered effects of
Agent Orange
back in 2012.
Most had already died.
My stepfather had
Congestive Heart Failure,
like most,
died in 2001.
No one is left alive now….
Just like WW1 with the
Mustard Gas.
If not at war,
we are being abused in
VA Hospitals countrywide.

Listen to the prompt….
despite statistics of
Vaccine Injuries from DOD.

Now they are not receiving
proper medical treatment to
combat the side affects.
It is murder!

In response Yankee Carolyn to her Publication

Perfect example of the
bone structure
A Beautiful First Lady.

In response Love Life to her Publication

😃 I am THRILLED you posted this!!! 💯
I noticed this a while back, and maybe mentioned something lightly about it, but did not have the proof to assert my suspicions.
I suspected Ivanka was a tranny but first that Eric is a female made taller by hormone therapy. Eric's wife, IMO, is the most extremely obvious. Melania photos from the past make me think she's an actual woman, until we get to the presemt and I think a tranny possibly, again.
We basically don't have much real basis in reality.

Who can sleep……

In response URBAN SQUIRREL to her Publication

Not me, cat naps seem to be needed. Not good for the bio unit to run like that. Keep trying tho. This reminds me of a combat deployment. Morning 🌞😎 ~