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Anyone have that short clip of Pelosi (I think it was her) walking into the capital on Inauguration Day 1/20/21 with a US Marshall who’s heard saying “don’t say nothin”…?

Question…where are all the paper bills past 2017? I’ve been looking for a while now. Nada. If anyone comes across some, would you take a pic and post in comments?

I was listening to an interview with Field McConnell taped on 8/30/23.

I’ve been on the fence about Juan O Savin primarily because in the early days he said Trump would be back in office on or before Apr 1 2021. Then it was August…and on and on. Then it was parables and Bible stories and I just couldn’t sit through the lengthy path to nowhere in his interviews.

BUT Field said Juan has visited his house in WI three times and holds him in high esteem. I have personally made a decision that Field is trustworthy. So I was really paying attention.

He said his alias was chosen because his father died 107 days after his birth. If you do the math on that you get the date of 8/7/63. I used to follow an account on Telegram that claimed the Kennedys oldest and youngest children (Arabella and Patrick) did not die, but were sent to Libya to be raised by others (long story, too much to type here).

Guess whose birthday lands on 8/7/63?

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy.

Another interview with Dr Jan Halper-Hayes. Recorded a couple hours ago on X

Good morning anons! Who can help me understand what the Burning Man festival is (disaster aside)?

Wow…the plot thickens re: the sheriff of Fulton County

If you’re following the vaccine injury saga, this is the best out there. Embalmers talking about not being able to put the embalming fluid into the bodies because the clots prevent them from injecting the full amount.

Enthéos on Telegram posted a message with this picture and the caption reads C.R.E.A.M

Anyone know what that might mean?

Anyone seen Into The Light? I hate to “register” or sign up for anything these days which you have to do to watch it.

After weeks I just got this reply from Twitter. Questioning Musk and his “promises”

what happened to Sound of Freedom release?

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Vincent Kennedy - War on Christmas II: The Ghost of Christmas Past Proves Future 🥊🇺🇲🦅#4VKM

anyone know when the Sound of Freedom is being released???

anyone know why the Ingersoll Lockwood website count down clock appears to be running but at the same time has shown 16 days and 19 hours for a while now? is this a legit organization? is being attacked. It started glitching right at 6pm CST. Exactly when Mike was supposed to start his daily afyernoon show w/a supposedly big announcement

I work for Cargill here in the US. This company touts “safety first” in all aspects of daily business. However they have been pushing the vaccine since it became available. just recently i have been pushing back by raising the concerns about vaccine safety. today i posted this on a Teams chat with several hundred ppl because I actually sit on the North American Safety Committee and felt it was appropriate to share data that shows the risk. i was called by my manager within 90 min (who had been told by someone high up in the org) to tell me to delete the post because I was stirring the pot, even though I was using their coveted CDC to cite adverse reactions via VAERS link. He said the data couldnt be trusted to which i replied so the infection/death data due to the virus also couldnt be trusted.
It clearly isnt about safety...they have now shown what I suspected was true. All I ask is that they represent both sides. I am a top performer now looking for a new job..had enough.

white house live cam down all day. supposed BLM protesters marching. Richard Citizen Journalist says lots of cops cars one marching. meanwhile riots in Mpls amd many other towns going on and/or planned. (about 12). NG being deployed

i think the storm may well be upon us

Please pray for me and my family. Going through a rough patch. Thank you! ❤️✝️❤️

I love President Trump and our Great Military. I was honored to be followed by Gen Flynn, Jack Flynn & many other Great Patriots on Twitter.

glitch in the matrix? 😉

Proud widow of Navy Vet 12-15-2020. RIP my Luv!❤ Let his service not be in vain! Health & Life Coach Redpilled since 9/11! #wwg1wga 🇺🇸

Let's get this out there friends!

ive heard this info before but its now getting revealed on a wider scale. this is huge

Howley dumping the whole story on Vegas

NEW * JUAN O SAVIN * WHAT HAPPENED ON MARCH 4TH * Streamed earlier this evening - 3.9



I'm a God loving Patriot, Prayer warrior, Mom of Four ❤️ and Gma of several ❤️ WWG1WGA 🇺🇲🦅🇺🇲🦅 TRUMP WON!!

Thank you@kobi for blocking several new people today associated with SOF movie. I had a couple that started following me today and went to block them and they were already blocked. They are trying to get people to click on the link to watch the movie "for free" but it is a SCAM. I was dumb enough to fall for it yesterday. I entered my card info since they said it was a trial period of 5 days and wouldn't be charged. HA!!! They wiped out all but $15 in my account and it was only the preview of the real move!!! I will be getting my money back because I reported fraud to my bank, but people need to be AWARE. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK FOR SOUND OF FREEDOM. IT IS NOT FULLY RELEASED YET.

why are some many ppl sending out links to The Sound of Freedom when they dont actually play? whats that all about?

team, i strongly suggest following GEORGENEWS on telegram. in my opinion, its the most real-time reliable source of intel out there!