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Re TMZ’s pic- The people having lunch is oblivious to the couple walking by.

I believe this came out already but some are just finding out

SOTU campaign promises on the last year.

I heard Steve Garvey didn’t pay for much advertising. Purple color = counties for Steve.

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California Senate
10 hours ago
Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff successfully pulled Republican Steve Garvey into the November general election — ensuring what’s expected to be an easy run for Schiff.
Headshot of Christopher Cadelago, California Bureau Chief

“The poopoo is hitting the fanny” Viva Frei

Very good post from

Let's talk about Trump and the judgement against him for $350,000,000+ ($450M will pre-judgment interest).

Let's avoid bringing politics into this conversation.

Here is my understanding of the case that was argued against Trump:

- Asset valuations were grossly exaggerated to the extent that it was fraudulent
- Due to the severely increased asset values, Trump was able to obtain significant benefits that were "ill-gotten"
- These benefits include: 1) larger loan amounts; 2) lower interest rates on the loans; 3) lower insurance premiums.
Trump received "ill-gotten gains" by having banks lend him money at lower rates than they would have if they had known the true value of the underlying assets (e.g. 10%-12% instead of 4%-5%).
- Trump also received ill-gotten gains by profiting on developments that relied on construction loans, which he never should have received.

Bless Trump and the Military. Awake, Aware. Cant wait for the credits to roll. Truth brings the light, lies keep you in the dark.

R.I.P. Justin Allen 23, Brett Linley 29, Matthew Weikert 29, Justus Bartett 27, Dave Santos 21, Jesse Reed 26, Matthew Johnson 21, Zachary Fisher 24, Brandon King 23, Christopher Goeke 23, and Sheldon Tate 27.... All are Marines who gave their lives this week for you.
Please honor them by copying and pasting this post. 🙏🏻 🇺🇸
Thank you all for your

U.S. Navy Veteran. Investigative Researcher. Into The Fitness and Health Lifestyle. Lives in The North-East of The U.S.A.

PART 2 of 2

Father we pray for the peace and safety of our United States. According to your will, we ask that you intercede for us and stop the growing invasion of our land. We humbly ask that you protect our children and draw them to Jesus. Lift up the righteous and tear down the wicked in the arenas of leadership. Do so quickly Almighty and Merciful King. Protect our food supply, our energy grid, our water supply, our farmlands, public lands, our seaports, our treasure, blessings, and gifts from you. There are still many who honor and love you Lord, do not remove your hand from us we pray. Demonstrate your glory once more and return us to you once again. In your Holy name we pray, Come Lord Jesus. Amen.

Boats coming in to San Diego and Orange County beaches.


Rob Schneider

Dear Scott Kirby CEO@UnitedAirlines and Drag Queen practitioner,
I regret to inform you that I will no longer allow my family to fly on your airline as you have clearly placed “diversity” of pilot hiring above safety of passengers and crew. As evidenced by the near aviation catastrophe of UA Boeing 777 flight 1722 from Maui to San Francisco Dec 18th 2023, where your diverse but incompetent flight crew didn’t know which flaps were causing its near disastrous dissent, coming within 750 feet of killing every one aboard your United Airline.
I cannot tell you how many@UnitedAirlines employees have personally thanked me for my valid criticism of your careless and life threatening leadership. I look forward to your swift dismissal by UA’s board of directors before your inane actions cause the deaths of hundreds of men, women and children. After your inevitable firing you can get back to your tr

Article was shared on X. You can’t find the original source that he posted but it’s also on the website below. Not a dot com URL but dot us.

Any person elected into office should take and pass a university/college level civics course before swearing in. If their college graduation was say more then a decade ago, they should take it again.


Consumers Are Rejecting The Great Reset

• Growth in gas cars is now far higher than electrics, flipping a trend from 12 months ago.

• COVID vaccine uptake has plummeted. Pfizer's stock is down 50% from 2 years ago. Moderna's is down over 70% in the same time frame.

• Zuckerberg's Threads has failed. There's a lack of enthusiasm for heavily censored social media platforms.

• Decline in interest and market value for alternative meat products like Beyond Meat.

• Even DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) has hit the skids! Wisconsin just dialed back all funding and froze the programs.

Let’s be grateful for every amount of capitalism we have remaining because markets mean consumer choice. And when given the choice, we know now that consumers don’t like Klaus Schwab’s plans for our lives, no matter how much Bill Gates endorses them.

The information in this post was compiled from an article wri

Happy New Year! 🎉

This is funny. (My photos aren’t posting.)

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Linus Explains the True Meaning Of Christmas - YouTube

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, an...

We switched to them this summer. Have to pay off our phones before we can leave.

Laura Loomer@lauraloomer
BREAKING:@TMobile has quietly updated their TOS to include fines for content they don’t agree with.

Beginning on January 1, 2024, they will be fining users who commit perceived violations on their bandwidth.

Who knew in America that the phone providers would now be policing the content of your text messages to fine you.

S.H.A.F.T. is an acronym that stands for Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco. It outlines the categories of text messages specifically regulated due to moral and legal issues and is monitored and enforced by the Cellular Telephone Industries Association (CTIA) and the mobile carriers.

Who gets to determine what is and isn’t “hateful”?

Will political text messages be censored now as well going into 2024?

This is what@comcast did to me in 2019/2020 when I ran for Congress. I warned people that it would happen to others when nobody did anything

TLM Anon &
@L... • 12h
It's been 72 hours since the gay blessing document and Francis is facing:
Rebuke from 500 clergy in
Refusal from every bishop in
Indians refusing his ad poplum rite reform
Various other bishops with open rebukes
SSPX denunciation

Patriot, Believer, wife and mother, potter, photographer, gardener, chef🇺🇸🐸🇺🇸❤️🙏🏻😎

In response trueblue to his Publication

Sweet Jesus, touch our Sister with your healing power, may she be wholly restored to good health🔥the enemy must flee as we plead the precious and indelible Blood all over her mind body and Spirit🙏🏻all in your mighty and wonderful name🐸😇💝🙏🏻