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"God shed His grace on thee..."

Staten Island firefighters say they were hurt on the job because of an FDNY policy. Now, they're suing for millions in damages and to have the policy changed.
Four injured FDNY members are suing the City of New York for
..$80 million dollars!

Ok, I guess it makes sense: sign on to fight fires but if injured, just sue for damages. This is wonderful news for taxpayers.

Firefighters sue NYC after they were nearly killed battling fire - YouTube

Michelle Charlesworth has the latest on the lawsuit.

7 years ago, in the month of May, President Trump took quite an overseas trip: you all know the one-it started in Saudi Arabia.

Take a moment for his and the First Lady's address to American and allied service members at Sigonella Naval Air Station in Sicily. These remarks were given before returning home on Saturday, May 27.
Yes, returning home on Saturday, May 27.

This year, May 27 is Memorial Day. Saturday is May 25.
(2 DAYS ahead of schedule)

President Trump Gives Remarks to U.S. Military Personnel in Sicily - 5/27/17 - YouTube

President Trump Gives Remarks to U.S. Military Personnel at Naval Air Station Sigonella - 5/27/17

When a 1974 Video Says it All: Biden

Brooklyn, New York: Bay Ridge neighborhood

At least two dozen protesters arrested in Brooklyn, police say - YouTube

Police arrested at least two dozen pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Brooklyn on Saturday. Officers say they refused to move out on the street along Fifth Ave...

13 Month Calendar | HIDDEN HISTORY REVEALED - YouTube

Explanation on the history behind the 13 months of the year that has been hidden from us over time - 13 months 28 days- moon cycle 28 days- mensural cycle 28...

The FDNY is launching a new recruitment campaign aimed at increasing diversity within the department. All Heroes Welcome:

FDNY new recruitment campaign - YouTube

The FDNY is launching a new recruitment campaign aimed at increasing diversity within the department. FOX 5 NY’s Linda Schmidt shows us what they are doing t...

Harvard $75,000 a year: I don't need to say a word, please just watch this video:

Asking Harvard Students Who They Are Voting For in 2024 - YouTube

I asked Harvard students who they are voting for in the 2024 presidential elections. Enjoy the video!If you enjoyed please like and subscribe to see future v...

NYC Public Schools:

Mayor Adams Announces Curriculum On Hate Crimes And Their Impact For New York City Schools

"...a series of hate crimes lessons designed to teach students in New York City public schools about hate crimes and bias incidents, as well as their impact on individuals and communities. "

"It's making many property owners wish they had nothing at all."
“You will own nothing and you’ll be happy.”

That's the goal.

It Begins... Squatters Take Over America - YouTube

Squatters are ruining America, and getting away with it... but if tenants rights are repealed by law makers, wont that put vulnerable people at risk?Low Land...

Why I’m Leaving New York City - YouTube

After living in Manhattan NYC for 20 out of 33 years of my life, I’m finally leaving. It’s where I grew up but I’m just done with it. It’s still one of the g...

This video demonstrates the difference between 440hz and 432hz music...give it a listen!

440hz vs 432hz - YouTube

A video I complied to demonstrate the difference between 440hz and 432hz music.I hope you enjoy, learn and continue to explore the power of frequency!Some gr...

How much was Dr. Marci Drees paid for this performance?

"Dr. Marci Drees is the Chief Infection Prevention Officer and hospital epidemiologist for ChristianaCare, is a highly sought-after national expert on infectious diseases, healthcare-associated infections, and vaccines."

Why Isn't Ivermectin a Recommended Treatment for COVID-19? - YouTube

The FDA has not authorized or approved ivermectin for use in preventing or treating COVID-19 in humans or animals. Ivermectin is approved for human use to tr...

Sick. Sad. Disgusting.
Will Smith kisses his son Jaden Smith on the mouth.

The Origin of the Kenites

Know who the kenites are; see, hear, read, understand... it is biblical.

Person sets themselves on fire outside of Trump trial | NewsNation Now - YouTube

A person lit themself on fire outside a New York City courthouse where jury selection was concluding in the hush money trial against former President Donald ...

Proof of levitation; question everything!

Tripod Rock on Pyramid Mountain

"Nothing will stop this....nothing."

Pyramid Mountain : Tripod rock | Secrets of vibration and frequency - YouTube

A closer detailed look at tripod rock up on pyramid mountain. This is evidence of levitated stone from the past. This is how the pyramids were built. If th...

Why do we need to know about the "kenites"?
Kenite (translated means sons/descendants of Cain)

The Revelation 2:9 where Christ gives a message to seven churches. There were only two of the seven churches that Christ did not find fault with. Those churches were Smyrna and Philadelphia. Christ praised them because of what they were teaching.

"...understand the kenite word; who they are, what they are, where they are..."

The Kenites - YouTube

by Pastor Arnold Murray | The “Kenites” are the descendants of Cain, or Cain’s Satanic Seedline. The Serpent Seed Doctrine, aka The Two Seedline Doctrine, is...

Gene Simmons: "Your audience really looks appetizing...actually what I am is evil incarnate and some of those cheeks and necks look really good."

gene simmons on michael douglas show 1974 - YouTube

Lol gene is a funny guy but an asshole too lol

What exactly is the Maori Haka? I saw a video of Hana-Rawhiti Maipi-Clarke performing a "haka" as she was delivering her maiden speech to parliament, becoming the youngest MP in more than 170 years.

The Haka in Maori Legend:
"There are many Maori legends to suggest where the Haka came from, but one common legend is that of the sun god, Tama-te-nui-ra. His summer maid, Hine-raumati, made the air seem to dance and quiver on hot days. This is reflected in the quivering motion that haka performers do with their hands."

"It was a way to summon the god of war, and to warn the enemy of the fate that awaited him. This haka was danced with fierce facial expressions - grimaces, stuck out tongue, bulging eyes, grunts and screams, waving the weapons of war."

Here is Jason Momoa performing "haka" 5 years ago:

'Aquaman' Premiere Jason Momoa Performs Haka - YouTube is your one stop shop for all things Movies, Broadway and more! Hollywood is better on the big screen and buying tickets is now easier than eve...

"...our Savior was never religious."


(Donate if u like at and my Email address is and I also use cash app and my cash app is $JarreauThompson and my email ...

These "sabbath" elevators are in NY as well. You will surely find them in all hospitals.

The Shabbat Elevator - YouTube

Crazy huh


(The tenth red heifer)

Seeing Two Types of Jews on my Trip to Israel - YouTube

In this video I discuss the two types of Jews I've seen in Israel, those who don't believe in Jesus as their Messiah and those who do. I then talk about the...

"In the name of God? Now I know what it feels like to BE God."

A chilling line and the single most important line in the movie.

State censorship boards in several states objected to this scene calling it "blasphemous" and had the words cut for the 1931 release of the movie. I think the line was restored in 1999.

Kenneth Strickfaden was the electrical special effects creator for the Frankenstein movie and it appears that Strickfaden managed to secure the use of at least one Tesla Coil built by the inventor, Nikola Tesla himself. True?

Frankenstein (1931) — It's ALIVE! Now I know what it feels like to be God! - YouTube

Digital warrior. Dark->Light #GodWins #SaveTheChildren #TheGreatAwakening W҉W҉G҉1҉W҉G҉A҉ #17! #MAGA NowC@mesTHEP@in—-23!!!

Is this real?
Did the media hide this?

The View INFATUATED with Donald Trump | The View LOVED Don Before He Ran REPUBLICAN - YouTube

#theview #donaldtrump #politicalnews #2024election #sunnyhostin #whoopigoldberg #joybehar"Witness The View's Fascination with Donald Trump: Joy Behar can't ...

A government "SETI" team is dispatched to check out a UFO sighting and Billy, a nerdy teenager, teams up with agent HANK to find out if these alleged visitors exist. Their search leads them to an abandoned mineshaft, where they discover a coven of Space Vampires conspiring to trap the light from the sun into an all-powerful diamond which will allow them to rule the world in eternal darkness.

Darkness | Official Trailer | Robin Dunne | Mak Fyfe | James Kee | Lindy Booth | Jesse Nilsson - YouTube

The Teen Space Vampire saga begins!High School, homework, vampires...Something's strange in Knollwood. Being a nerdy teenager in a small town is hard enough,...

President Trump: "I think of the United States everyday as April Fools day” - YouTube

President Trump: "I think of the United States everyday as April Fools day”

The Feasts of the Lord and their prophetic meanings has grabbed my attention and I thank God for leading me to this. I'm still praying for the knowledge and understanding of these seven feasts, but I wanted to share this:

Do not be deceived by "easter." Stay with the Lord Jesus Christ and be blessed.

Leviticus 23 The Seven Feasts of the Lord: these feasts are fulfilled in Jesus Christ in their seasons. I believe in two seasons. The prophecies and symbols of the Old Testament all point to Jesus being the Christ.

Passover: Christ crucified
Unleavened Bread: Christ buried
First Fruits: Christ resurrected
Pentecost: Holy Spirit given

THE CHURCH AGE: the Lord is harvesting believers

The Second Coming Feasts: (Jesus yet to fulfill)
Trumpets: nobody knows the day or the hour


Holidays or Holy Days?