Santa Surfing 1/28/2021 Video
The GAME Stopped!!!
Main St. vs Wall St...

Main Street Winning!

@runnertuckie on all social media. Strong in my convictions. Servant of god. Husband. Business owner.I travel all over the southeast often

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they picked this battle. crying now that they are losing?

They always do. And this is just week 1. Consider how mad they'll be in a month. There's more than one way to skin a bank account.

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Patriot, Catholic, Vietnam Era U.S. Army veteran, father to my 22 y/o Son serving in the USCG. UM Z God Wins. Trump 2020. BTW Its flat.

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Pray to God we're not doing this 30 days from now

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That's entirely up to the elite. One week of their insanity got the people so mad that it cost them tens of billions.
It's actually likely that they won't last a month at this rate.

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