#FamilyIsEverything #BlueGreenTeam Chef Photographer Colon Cancer Survivor Military Baker ✍🐉🦌🪶⚜⚓🌹💙💚

Navy decode


And Lo The Floods Of Heavens Freedom And Love Are Released🌊❤/ The Correlation Is Becoming Obvious And Quite Strange😳/ The Rapture Of The Church Is About To Happen Suddenly / I Takes Away Cabal Power K / The So Called End Times Will Be A Celebration For The Meek And Oppressed🥳/ Radio Frequency Waves📻/ Stopping World War Three✌💞/ Total Solar Eclipse / Remember Your Oath🫡/ Decode The Secret Code Decode / The Door Of All Doors🚪/ Humpty Dumpty🥚/ Aquarian Water Urn♒🏺/ Upcoming Storms⛈/ Unrestrained Love😍/ The Son Of Man Revealed🦌👈/ The Choice Is Yours🐸/ Quantum Leap Wow / Be Faithful To Christ / The One Having The Key🔑/ Auras Around People / I Try To Create Beauty From My Brokenness🌈/ God Guides And I Follow😊/ Pythagoras Reborn / Undercover Christ🧐/ God Please Give Me My Health And Wealth🥺🙏/ Ooh La La Yes Success🙌🤩🌟🌠
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In response Lauren M Bradley to her Publication

Agree with D.
Evildoers lie to conjure, establish, force their time narrative, ideas upon Humans.

We live by the Solar clock.
Get up, make hay, sleep, sustenance, survival.
Evildoers have us in forced servitude on their clock that doesn't exist with Father God Creator YHVH & Jesus. ALL that punching a clock is going
bye-bye when Yeshua Messiah Returns.

There Is No End Times
For Us Because Christ Followers Live With Father God, Jesus Forever On Earth.

The End IS For Lucifer...
End For the Kenites...
End For Evildoers...
End For Darkness...
End For Evil Rudiments...
End For The 2nd Earth Age
SO 3rd Earth Age Can Begin And We Christ Followers Live On Earth
With Christ, Father God
Eternity Into Infinity.

#FamilyIsEverything #BlueGreenTeam Chef Photographer Colon Cancer Survivor Military Baker ✍🐉🦌🪶⚜⚓🌹💙💚

In response Susie __Q to her Publication

You're confused about Lucifer. He's the lightbringer. Learn while you can so u don't regret saying false things. Nothing is what it seems. Shane explained it all already.

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