I'm a conservative & patriotic Trumpster who lives in the Sunflower State of KANSAS, a pro-life Christian, retired & happily married. 💔

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well trump pushed it too

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The world was under attack.
Trump suggested Hydroxychloroquine, UV light and Chlorine Dioxide and was immediately demonized.
So he did Warp Speed because if the jabs came out quickly, there would be no FDA approval; it could only be designated for "Emergency Use Authorization" label.
SO BY LAW IT COULD NOT BE MANDATED. But the law was disobeyed because Covid was their plan to create a diabolical fear, a terror so overwhelming that many people wanted the EUA 'vaccine'
Then the Satanist's Agenda was to make a shot that would kill humanity.
Videos of Bill Gates, et al, give them away.
Their Agenda to kill 7.5 Billion was thwarted by first, Trump's suggestions for remedies, as some people believed him and then, since the killer shot was legally by choice, people did have a chance to survive the terror attack.
The Cabal plan was to wait until FDA approval and then it could be mandated.
Warp Speed nixed a legal mandate
But evildoers disregarded law and did mandates .. Tribunals

Having forehand knowledge of crimes against humanity doesn't absolve guilt of letting it happen! The only way it can, to a degree, is if one was truly powerless to stop any events. Do we really believe that here?
Nobody who has lost a loved one is going to forgive a person who pushed the vaccine and knew what it was all about and what it was going to do. Regardless, if there was a "choice". People would be livid once they knew the truth because they will want to know why it wasn't stopped dead its tracks with full force in the first place. Imagine this speech in the future:
"I love you Americans, but I had to let this deadly jab be released because you have to see what it will do. But I gave you a choice! Also no mandates! Sorry about your mama and papa dying. It's ok though, time to MAGA!"
See how ridiculous that sounds? Something else had to be in play for this to be carried out legally, morally and ethically.

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What you may not realize is that the world and its people have been controlled by dark forces for thousands of years.
They thought hilary clinton was going to be elected and they were set to start a nuclear war to wipe out many. That didn't happen so the bioterror attack was put it into effect before they were ready,
Covid created the fear which made the real bioweapon possible.
Some say Trump's 'vaccine' was not the same as Biden's. Some reports are that there were 51 different versions of the jab,
I realize I'm not explaining what I believe happened with Trump and the vax very well. I don't think Trump was completely prepared for the bioterrorism. I recall seeing his TV appearances which is why I don't blame Trump.
Wartime presidents have impossible decisions to make.
You are welcome to your opinions.