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David Icke was the finest piece of exported propaganda shite by the Deep state the UK has ever produced.(apart from the Beatles)
He has been bought and paid for a thousand times.
We British know all about him,
Repeat a stupid bloody conspiracy often enough and there will always be those that say "there`s no smoke without fire". But when you understand the sick agenda behind a puppet like Icke, he `s no different to any politician who sold his soul to the devil.
So my pointy is, why would anyone post anything by this man or give him any credence???

GOD FEARING, Thankful Old Carpenter, I stand for freedom our Republic. Took the oath to the Constitution, and will keep it! WWG1WGA!

In response sercorimo ... to her Publication


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In response sercorimo ... to her Publication

David Icke wrote many books too! And was horribly treated for his exposing of the elites, pedophiles, and more!!! He also exposed the Reptilian Agenda.

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Yes, I've been listening to David Icke for years, and have learned a lot, by having done so. I really admire how he handled himself, during the famous Terry Wogan interview, back in 1991. He handled himself very well, considering the condescending tone of the interview.

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In response sercorimo ... to her Publication

David Icke on point
[They] control and manipulate everything.
But we WILL be free! πŸ™ŒπŸΌβœ¨πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ