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-- False Claim of ‘Genocide’ Another Symptom of Modern Education’s Abandonment of Biblical Values

-- Tech, Talk, TikTok: Legislation Involves Free Speech, Personal Privacy, National Security

-- Bill Maher’s Critique of Hollywood … Right On! But Only Scratched Surface of Pedophilia Problem

-- ‘Death to America!’ ‘Death to Israel!’ What Gives with Today’s Campus Protesters?

-- Pastor Doesn’t Quite Get It Right: Christians MUST — Righteously — Navigating Faith, Civic Responsibility

-- In 1980s Biden Wrong About Reagan’s SDI … As He Is Wrong About So Much Else Today

-- Amazing Story: Reagan Gifted Israel ‘Iron Dome’ … Biden Tried to Block It

-- Joe Biden’s Overbearing Policies, Reckless Spending, Reality Denial Failing to Unify Country

-- To Those Resisting Modern Trans Movement: Beware Compromises, Dangerous Alliances …