Santa Monica Flyers
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Santa Monica Flyers

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Airline Transport Pilot Cert | Santa Monica Flyers

Santa Monica Flyers gives comprehensive schooling for aspiring pilots, culminating inside the coveted Airline Transport Pilot Certificate. With rigorous coursework and arms-on experience, we prepare pilots for the best degree of aviation skillability and management in the skies.
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What is Cirrus Training Center | Santa Monica Flyers

Santa Monica Flyers, renowned for excellence in aviation education, proudly hosts the Cirrus Training Center. Offering comprehensive programs, the center ensures pilots receive top-tier instruction and hands-on experience, setting a new standard in aviation training. Visit us now :

Relax at Our quaint Hotel in Santa Teresa

Enjoy Santa Teresa's beauty after visiting our boutique hotel. Our Santa Teresa hotel offers a peaceful haven tucked away amid stunning scenery. Savor individualized attention, opulent facilities, and the ideal fusion of comfort and style. Savor the rich local culture, visit neighboring sights, and relax in the peace. At our Santa Teresa boutique hotel, where every moment is designed to surpass your expectations, your amazing escape is waiting for you. Visit us:

Achieving Your Commercial Pilot Certificate Dream

Embark on your journey to earning a Commercial Pilot Certificate, the key to soaring high in the aviation industry. Discover the thrill of piloting and gain the expertise needed for commercial flights. Our comprehensive training program ensures you master every aspect, from navigation to safety protocols, paving the way for a successful career among the clouds. Visit us: