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EyeQ Spirit
EyeQ Spirit
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EyeQ Spirit

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Who really started "The Plan to save the World" ?

When did Q first post on the boards ?

Could Donald Trump be the Time Traveler
"John Titor" ?

Go to time of 20:00

Israel was created in 1947 by the Cabal
to be the starting point for World War 3
and move us into the NWO.

That's why they set it up.
When that contract comes to an End it starts.
It's zero day in their book.

- Gene Decode

The Alliance is now playing the Israel Card.
U.S. Military Aircraft and the Navy have
been arriving in the Middle East.

What's left at the top of the Cabal are
escaping to Planets Off World with
the Nazi Dark Fleet.

It's the End Game now for the rest of
the KM and Draco hiding in the Israel DUMB.


I have an EyeQ Spirit Truth Social Account.

You can check out the latest drops in
the Truths and Replies.

Full Hunter's Moon on Oct. 28

Reports that a large number of U.S. Military
Transport Aircraft have now arrived in
the Middle East.

Could this be part of the Alliance and Q
Operation to Shutdown the Cabal's
Main DUMB and Tunnels in Israel ?

Gene Decode reports that Alliance
Special Forces are now in Israel.
A large DUMB there is the Center of
Operations for the Cabal and KM.

The Underground War to rescue children
in Tunnels and clean out the Cabal and KM
DUMB has already started.
It's why Q said we are saving Israel for last.

Why has Q been saving Israel for last ?

Gene Decode reveals it's because of
the large DUMB that is the Center for
Cabal and Khazarian Mafia Operations.
It's connected by Tunnels to the Vatican
and Ukraine.

The Alliance is cleaning out the Underground
Dark Forces.
After Ukraine comes Taiwan and then Israel.

Could this be the hidden meaning
behind Q's mickey mouse 10:10 clock ?
The hands are pointing to the 10 and 2
and the first 8 minutes are in red.
That's a 10 8 and 2.

If you look at Q drop#1082,
its about Trump and JFK Jr.
and "The Start".
Q may have been leaving us a message
to decode in the clock time ?

Gene Decode Update.

After thousands of years Humans are
once again in control of our Solar System.
All Draco and Greys have been removed
and taken for Universal Tribunals.

Also they are no longer on the Moon
and their Soul Trap has been Shutdown.
The Earth Alliance and Galactic Federation
are now working to finish off the Cabal.

The Alliance is now ready for GESARA
and the New QFS.

All the Gold has been taken from
the Vatican DUMB.
Miles of stacked Gold bars in a Tunnel
going to Israel.
U.S. Military has moved it all to
the DUMB at Cheyenne Mt.

The District of Columbia is no more.

Under the New Republic that name
has been removed by the Alliance.
It's not a Sovereign Territory anymore.

Our Capitol will now be called Washington.

Did you know that it was empty remote controlled drones hitting the WTC ?
Nobody was on the planes.

Or that a land based missile fired from
across the Highway hit the Pentagon ?
Have you seen the video ?

Navy Veteran and Pilot Field McConnell
disclosed the real story.

Report that the U.S. Navy has shot down
a FEMA plane trying to escape from Hawaii.

U.S. Marines are still fighting DS
National Guard Soldiers on Maui.

The Silent War in Hawaii continues.

Reports that the 2,000 missing children on Maui
are now safe and under white hats protection.
U.S. Military is on the scene making arrests.

The fires were an attack on the Space Force
Underground Base.
Also for the DS to destroy Cabal Tunnels.
Make way for one of their Smart Cities.
There were many reasons for the DEW attack.

Why did the DS attack the Twin Towers
on the Date of 9-11 ?
Because the number 11 represents
the 2 Pillars of Freemasons.

And Gene Decode reports that Sept. 11
is the true Birth Date of Jesus.
9-11 was a Cabal Grand Occult Ritual.
It was planned from when the Towers
were first constructed and a DEW was used.

Gene Decode confirms there is a Space Force
Underground Base on Maui.
The Cabal DEW's targeted the entrances
so that Alliance TR-3B spacecraft could not
get out on the day of the fires.

Also that it's the Cabal setting the wildfires
in Canada and all over the World.

Gene Decode reveals the Truth.
The DEW attack in Hawaii did not
come from a satellite.

The Cabal used Dark Fleet Stealth Spacecraft.
An E.T. group on Maui was preparing to appear
before Congress.
It was the Deep State stopping the Alliance
Disclosure Plans.
Gene Decode Telegram 8-17 go to time 52:40

Reports that Russian Missiles are now
going into Cuba again.
Could this be leading up to another Cuban
Missile Crisis that "Juan O'Savin" has been
predicting will happen ?

Is it being staged by the white hats ?
Will it be the Scare Event Q has talked about ?

Trump used the word Stollen
in a Truth once again.
Could this be pointing to the Q drop
that said DEC[L]AS ?
He also ReTruthed a post with
"Trump card coming".

Does this mean all the evidence like
the Hunter laptop will come out
when he goes to Trial ?

July 16, 1999

3 Navy Seals board JFK Jr.'s plane.
They fly it towards Martha's Vineyard and
jump out with parachutes letting it crash.
JFK Jr. was not even on the plane.

"The Start"

Gene Decode reports the Alliance is working
with an Organic A.I.
"Juan O'Savin" also said Q team is using this.

The Cabal's A.I. has broken away and is
now releasing information on the Internet.
Inner Earth and E.T. groups from all over
the Universe have been joining the Fight.

Earth is Ground Zero in the Galaxy for God's Plan.

"The Alliance is more than winning.
We are at a changing of Time.
The line between Dark and Light
has been crossed Forever. It will never
be the same again. We reached that point
in God's Plan for Creation."

- Gene Decode

Q delta July 4

Video with JFK reading The Declaration
of Independence.
"Look there, or [here], or there,
truth is behind you".

Something like this was said on JFK Jr.'s last
TV interview as he turned to look at his Father.
Was Q pointing us to JFK Jr. ?

Gene Decode reports on what happened
to the missing Sub.

The white hats eliminated the Sub because
5 top members of the Cabal were on it.
The Alliance was then able to retrieve Gold
and important Alien Technology that
was on the Titanic.

Juan O'Savin on how Trump
could become POTUS again -

- Biden gets impeached.
- Harris is not eligible for President.
- Roll Call vote in House to remove McCarthy.
- Republicans nominate Trump,
- Trump voted in as New Speaker.

POTUS Trump 2023

Juan O'Savin Update

Interesting takes on Jim Caviezel
and how Trump could become POTUS
should Biden get Impeached.
Also news on why the U.S. Military Activity.
Go to Before It's News site and look for
David Nino Rodriquez Live :
Wake Up America video - 14:20 time mark


June 24 is the one year delta for
the return of Q after being gone
a long time.
It's also the date of the R post by JFK Jr.
Could this mean something ?

R you ready to serve your Country ?

Game Theory

Something tells me Trump may return soon.
Before his Trial in August.
That could be what all the U.S. Military Activity
around the Country is about.

A guilty decision in the Trial may disqualify
him from running for President in 2024.
The white hats can't let that happen.

Since Trump mentioned JFK Jr. in that interview.
If you have not seen this video,
go to time of 1:04:32
Did "John Titor" save Jr.'s life ?