Joe Newby
20 days ago

Joe Newby

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The lying demented evil corrupt fraud occupying the White House needs to be replaced immediately.

With video. Barack Hussein Obama wants us all to think that everyone is complicit in Hamas' murder of women and children.

Uh, no.

The evil Biden Regime now wants to dictate what you're allowed to think in the workplace...

The next terror attack in the U.S. will be Biden's fault. Completely.

And the lying demented fraud installed as president is leading the way...

Of course. Liberal hatemongers just gotta do what they gotta do, because they just can't help themselves.

MTG is seeking censure of terrorist-loving Rashida Tlaib. She also needs to be expelled and then charged for her role in the latest liberal insurrection.

She hasn't even been confirmed by the Senate yet! Apparently, Biden doesn't care about this little thing called the Constitution.

With video. Tlaib should be censured, expelled from Congress, and brought up on charges of treason for aiding and abetting Hamas terrorists.

A new poll revealed 31% of Biden supporters now want Democrat-controlled states to secede -- and form their own country. Something like that happened once before, but it didn't work out too well...

She’s posted "extremist rhetoric" on social media, culminating in this month’s comments to “f*** Israel, the government, and its military. Are you ready for your downfall?” after Hamas burned civilian families to death and beheaded babies.

With video. The last time I checked, this was called an insurrection. Where's the FBI? Why aren't these people in moldy cells awaiting trial? Will they face 20-year sentences? Oh wait, these aren't Trump supporters...

It's time House Republicans hear from all of us. They either need to get their act together or resign and slither home like worms.

Terrorist-loving Ilhan Omar spread a fake photo from Syria from 10 years ago, falsely claiming it was of kids killed by the IDF.

With video. Hamas-loving Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib refused to condemn Hamas for cutting heads off of babies. That alone speaks volumes.

With video. No matter how much time passes, certain constants remain the same. Chief among them is the reflexive anti-Semitism embedded and rooted across America’s college campuses, as proven by the rallies supporting Hamas baby-killers.

With video. A Hamas commander made it clear their goal is to murder every Jew and Christian on Earth. There can never be any negotiations with such creatures.

BLM Chicago tweeted support for Hamas baby-killers. Of course, one terrorist group supports another...

With video. Of course not. They just ripped the mask off of who and what they really are.

With video. The monsters who did this, and the monsters who support it, need to be removed from the face of the earth.