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Dastardly Dan

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You gotta war face?

For those who have not seen this genius response by Brigitte Gabriel nearly 10 years ago. It is important for you to watch, listen and understand. It was relevant then, it is relevant today and it will be relevant 10 years from now.
Reading between the lines, There is much more at work here. However, Brigitte Gabriel's response is enough for now.

Cats know the meaning of, WTF.

Educate, educate, educate. Educate yourselves. Educate yourselves with the information from those committed to fidelity of our nation. Not by the revisionists hell bent on "reimagining" it. Not by those whose opinions, as self-acclaimed "experts," even some accredited experts, are trying to sell you a bill of goods.
Here's a good read that is factually correct in all things mentioned.
Educate yourself. Seek out the truthers. Once you're on your way, you'll be able to sniff out the liars and the frauds. You'll be able to detect speeches that are anti American, the carpet baggers, the tyrants and the literal bums. You'll be able to discern who is correct in contradictory claims.
Start here. then educate yourselves with a firm foundation of common understanding.

Looking for answers. So pipe up.
I joined anonup a week ago. I've made 3 posts. From those three posts it appears that I have gained 8 followers. I have also been assigned to follow 37 accounts. I have not clicked to follow anyone. I deleted a few accounts from my follow list to see what happens. Now I'm wondering if the 8 who are following me know that they're following me.
I'm more than bewildered about the panel on the right entitled "Who To Follow."
What say you?

Absolutely the government will buy it. But, it will cost the manufacturer payments to:
5 Senators
20 Representatives
5 retired general lobbyists
And finally, 10% to "The Big Guy"

Feds get their asses handed to them.