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Yvonne McNeil

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I’m in charge of pricing at my job. Have to notify all of our large customers of price increases we went up 10% in 2023 and 10% in 2024. Do you know how much work that is? Yet no mention of price increases for employees. There’s something wrong when the owner raise prices but the employees are left in inflation hell.

I have a question and I think it defines Americas Knowledge of themselves. Did you EVER take the time to find out what type of blood flows through you? Are you Cain or Abel? Or both?

Can anyone tell me why the quarters made in 2020 (under Trump)
have George Washington turning his back on "In God We Trust"

WTF. American Rulers have officially turned their back on God.

But under Trump. Why?

I’m an avid survivor fan. Have watched the show for 20+ years. This year is either brainwashing or Conspiracy theorist based. Tonight Q and Hunter were up for elimination and Jeff brought out the POPCORN. I’m either being played or there are no coincidences. Q is an idiot and Hunter deserved to win the whole thing but hey life is a game. Maybe it’s reverse psychology.

I was sitting watching tv. I had to pee. It got me thinking I have to release water I released water and needed water to flush my water. Peeing costs me $250 a year. Who gets my pee money and what do they do with pee money? Ukraine? Iraq? Iran? Someone gets my pee money that I paid for. You can’t pee without paying. Let that sink in.

I wonder how much money I would have taken to betray my fellow human being. Kids being tortured raped and murdered for their organs. What would my price of material items been my level of power? I wonder is their a dollar amount. I don’t think a million a billion or a trillion would allow me a good life if I sold anyone out. That’s the difference between us and them. I struggle financially but I wouldn’t cash in on not one of your lives. We are PRICELESS. No amount of money or power would entice me. Zero Nada Zippo.

And just like that it’s over and nothing happened. Did NASA fire their moron rockets?

Remember peeps we create our reality. It’s up to us. We decide what to think of and what to manifest. Think of our reality when we take OUR power back. A whole new world awaits us and the good Lord knows we deserve it.

Totally Random BUT I hope Morgan Freeman isn’t involved in any of the nefarious shit. I love every movie he was in.

I have this gut wrenching feeling that Kate Middleton is DEAD. Call me crazy but I think Kate took out herself and her 3 kids as a big FUCK YOU to William. Kate wasn’t the only one missing her 3 kids haven’t been seen either Both those AI videos made my feeling even stronger. Never underestimate a woman scorned and a scorned woman who would have to give her kids up to a wicked family. Now I’m hearing today that Kate is going to be breaking a Royal protocol and NOT having her kids in the public eye or sharing any pictures of them with the public. Why?

Where are the children?

I would personally like to nominate@danscavino as Robin. He is the most loyal to Batman.

In my humble opinion the Royal family tested the lookalike chick with the going for a loaf video. Enough people believed it and that’s why they used her for todays video. Where is the REAL Kate Middleton?

I might believe Kate Middleton has CANCER when I see NOT a single hair on her head. Might!

Wonder if Harry will go to the Palace for 45 minutes to see Kate. 😊

Six O'clock can be dangerous. Was Kate's Cancer video the danger of six O'clock?

I knew they would announce something BIG on a Friday. They hope because it's the weekend that's all we care about, and less people will pay attention.

BREAKING NEWS: Kate Middleton has cancer.

Princess Kate is missing. You may not care But her children are missing too. Where are Kate and her children? They aren’t going to school every day. Where are they?

King Charles. = KC = 11-3. Gematria is amazing. I used it in high school to send notes. Guess I actually learned something. Ironically I was diagnosed with cancer on 3/11 in 2015. Guess that was my 3/11 decode. Or 11.3 decode. No doubt in my mind I’m supposed to be here and so are you. We had synchronicities that we didn’t catch but it was spelled out for us and we ignored it. Just my theory we are meant to be here for such a time as this.

Hey guys what was the q posts about cleaning house and something about the bread.

Wills and Kate were spotted buying the bread.

So there's one person in the UK who saw Kate and William at a farm shop buying bread she thought the "young woman looked familiar"




I think it’s time we start testing the meat we eat. Like the chicken in Campbells cream of chicken.

We need to bring back the days of when moms would fight for our kids. Remember moms against drunk drivers. It’s time for moms to question everything that goes into our child’s body, what they watch on tv what music they listen to. Who is teaching them what they are being taught. We need to take back power of our kids. It doesn’t take a village it takes 2 parents to raise a child and a village to protect all children NOT just our own but ALL.

If you’ve learned anything learn that honest people don’t charge you to listen to their truth. Their truth cost them a wifi bill that’s it. If they tell you they have bills to pay it’s because they’re lazy fucks who cash in on you working all day. TRUTH IS FREE. STOP I’m BEGGING YOU TO STOP PAYING THESE FUCKS FOR TRUTH. Did VK charge you? No. Does Doq charge you? Does Kim Runner charge you. NO. NO they don’t or didn’t. Stop paying truth is FREE.

To all of you Juanito and Nino lovers out there.

They’re playing you for the almighty dollar. They are no better than CNN.

Do I have receipts? NO, NO I don’t.

Discernment is key. Juanito tells stories you don’t want to hear, he doesn’t show his face, he changed his name. He used JR by writing the kid on the side of the road. He has NEVER told you anything of value.

Juanito and Nino are paid pawns. Nino is Juanitos pawn. Juan is Flynns pawn.

Kerry Cassidy sucks both of them and housed a pedophile for them. You’ll find out.

Some of us are waking up to the alternative media who Kerry Cassidy said Juan controls.

Kerri wants you to believe Juanito controls it all because Juanito controls her.

Don’t be a Kerri Cassidy.

Does anyone on here DONATE to Juan and Nino.?

Mike Gill said Juan said to Nino not knowing Nino was live. “WE CANT LET THIS END IM MAKING MILLIONS”.

Did anyone hear him say that?

Is Trump being promoted to the Writer of the script we live by. Sometimes I wonder if we’re leaving the Devil we know to the Devil we don’t know. I pray we the people take down both mafias. The BIG one the one the LEFT and the RIGHT. The Kennedys are crooked mafia too and they seem to be linked to Trump. I don’t get warm and fuzzy when I think of the Kennedys.

For the record Prince William is too good looking to be a Rothschild. Hell he’s too good looking to be a Windsor both families are missing good looks.

I swear there is a lot of EGO or MENTALLY ILL people on this platform.

STOP BULLYING. If people ask a question, answer them if you can. If you put them down for asking questions or questioning what you said it means they don’t fully comprehend what you mean.

We are all at different levels.

Remember you put one down you put us all down. It’s okay that we’re different diversity is how we grow and learn.


Is it HATE TRUMP day again? Are we going to do this every few days? Asking for me I like to be in the know. 😂

When the lawsuits for the vaccinated start we the UNVACCINATED need to also SUE for EMOTIONAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE. We lost family members friends relationships. The Vaccinated walked into the vipers den willingly we the Unvaccinated are the ones who suffered most, we had to watch our loved ones walk in willingly.

Feeling like I’m cast in 50 first dates like each day is replaying over and over again. When will it end? It’s BORING.