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Marian Kamp
Marian Kamp
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Marian Kamp

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"In 2007 the Trans-Atlantic Plan was concluded by US and EU (Sarkozy, Merkel, Brown and Bush), the EU Globalization Fund was rigged (EC President Barroso launched initiative in 2005) and the swap lines were built by FED with EU and Switzerland (and in 2010 with Japan, Canada and UK). The induced credit crunch did the rest. Read Worst Bank Scenario about this new 'Banking Model 3.0' rolled out in blockchain creating a new world order between the West (US, UK, Japan, Canada and EU), BRICS and the rest."

Meet our new shopping cart....

This is a very intelligent cart equipped with sensors, cameras and a chip reader.

No more queues at the checkout because you complete the transaction with your phone.

People are happy to cooperate with smart convenience but soon try not to buy alcohol, cigarettes or meat as your cart will not be accepted and your payment will fail.

Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Catherine Austin Fitts explains what the planned 'Great Reset' really is.

"We are now coming to the end game ... they have to consolidate the financial coup"

Mercedes Evolution
1900 to 2024

Germany - plan leaked to achieve 3rd World War starting in 2025 by provoking Russia.

The Stromshadows are already just being fired by Germans, UK, USA millitarians and not Ukrainians.

Roadmap to WW3 👇👇.
Germany plan leaks to go to WW3 in 2025.

BREAKING: WW3 FALSE FLAG PLAN LEAKED! - German Government PLAN For Global War With Russia In 2025!

Interesting! Where does Israel's influence and special treatment come from? A young Netanyahu explains...

Q follower Arizona #KAG Patriot who loves God and Country #MAGA Trump/JFKJr 2020 #SaveTheChildren Evil Won't Survive in 5D

The Victory Day Moscow - President Putin's Speech

05.09.24 - Key takeaways from President Putin’s May 9 speech:
- The truth about WWII is being distorted as history hinders those who build colonial policies on lies
- The justification of Nazism is now a part of the Western elite’s policy
- The Russian Armed Forces are combat ready but we will do everything to prevent a world war
- Russia is going through a difficult period and the fate of the country depends on “each of us”
- We will never forget the common struggle and traditions in the fight against Nazism
- The participants of the special military operation are heroes and “the whole of Russia is on your side”

🇷🇺 Russian tricolor perfectly displayed in the sky during air show Marseille France 🤔 , Macron pulls the hair out of his head 😂

French air force claims honest mistake by 'accidentally' forming Russian flag instead of France's during art flights.

MEP Cristian Terheș calls for the immediate resignation of Ursula, the EU's demonic deceiver.

Google knows about you. Did you know they can listen to your conversation? There is a way you can Stop it❗️

SHARE with all your friends❗


Give me a good reason why women shouldn’t fear this.

One of the best pictures about weather manipulation:
It clearly shows the scalar waves formed by the magnetrons and going into our sky via Doppler radar and HAARP

HATERS in Brazil revolt and destroy HAARP antennas.

Should be done everywhere. Then the natural climate will return.

Ursula von der Leyen booed tonight for debate in Maastricht for war criminal by strong woman!

The beast may safely be called by its name worden‼️

And the hypocrites eating out of the same war criminals' racks rush in, trying to calm tempers as woke as possible!

Elderly Covid patients were given an injection called midazolam, the same thing death row inmates are given

Listen how this British 🇬🇧 politician Andrew Bridgen talks about it at parlement‼️

The truth is coming out!