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* Where is BO? What is the purpose? Who fired?
* Focus on Hussein. Revelations coming very very soon.
* Hussein v HRC v McCain. Why is this relevant?
* Why does Hussein travel ahead (and behind) of POTUS?
* U1 - CA - EU - ASIANK. Iran deal. Russian reset.
* Sidley Austin. Happy hunting.
* Why is the WASH POST leading the attack re: Q?
* How many articles have been written re: Q? ALL FOR A LARP?
* Future will prove past. History books. JUSTICE.
* Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.


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Putin aide reveals peace terms Russia offered to Ukraine

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🇷🇺🌍 RUSSIA FIGHTS FOR THE FREEDOM OF THE WHOLE WORLD (00:40) says Putin, warning the globe that Washington has become "decrepit" and "dangerous for those around it" (00:54).

Without a sovereign and strong Russia, no lasting and stable world order is possible - Russian leader (01:12).

Putin speaking at the World Council of the Russian People, an international forum focused on the present and future of Russia as a country."

From O Despertar

🇮🇱🇷🇺🇸🇾‼️Russia is setting up checkpoints on the border between Syria and Israel‼️

The Russian Armed Forces are monitoring the Israeli occupied Golan Heights.

💧Ezra A. Cohen, [26.11.2023 г. 19:27]💧
Trump's security has increased.

Ezra A. Cohen 💞

💧Ezra A. Cohen, [26.11.2023 г. 23:44]💧
In 2015 Vladimir Putin concluded that Rotschilds were up to no good with their satanic luciferian agenda:

1. Mind control the people
2. Decrease the world population
3. Commit genocide via chemtrails, smart meters, wifi, mobile networks, etc.

So what did Putin do upon concluding that their intentions were not in line with his Russian orthodox values?

He banned each and every one of them from entering, doing business, owning business or land in, or otherwise having anything to do with Russia at all.

Ezra A. Cohen 💞

💧Ezra A. Cohen, [28.11.2023 г. 5:13]💧
Patriots are in control.

Ezra A. Cohen 💞

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Russia Russia Russia….she should have listened to her husband and not eaten the apple 🍎

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The Japan Times (

RUSSIA Suspends Pact with JAPAN on Decommissioning NUCLEAR Weapons

Russia on Thursday announced the suspension of a cooperation agreement for the decommissioning of its nuclear weapons signed with Japan in 1993, amid the deterioration of bilateral relations following Moscow's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.
Russia disclosed an order signed Tuesday by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin stating that the Kremlin will notify Tokyo of the termination of the agreement that provides for Japanese support to decommission weapons, including dismantling nuclear submarines.

But the work has stalled as Moscow has refused to send related military data to Tokyo. The agreement was signed after the revelation in 1993 that Russia's Vladivostok-based Pacific fleet had dumped radioactive waste into the Sea of Japan.

Japanese Chief Cabinet

Hold the line, let's get this done!! #WWG1WGA

The GOP’s demand for enforcement of U.S. border law is a “partisan” threat to worldwide democracy, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said in a letter to the Senate.

“We cannot let partisan politics get in the way of defending democracy; that would be playing right into the hands of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and [China President] Xi [Jinping],” Schumer said in the November 26 letter describing his plans for December.

Marketing and Corporate Communication Agency Editor of HO1.US website

Marketing and Corporate Communication Agency Editor of HO1.US website

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In response Yester Vue to his Publication
In the Le Professionnel (1981), the disney´s clock is seen for a small moment...and here
...slightly different ending...⬇️ (from a Russian server)

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