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God told us to stand up and we finally are

The Eye Of The Storm Has Arrived, But It’s No Match For The Armor of God. Hold The Line. …17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram Sat. 15 June 2024
• Sat. 15 June 2024: FISA = Start: The Deep State and the Military’s Counterstrike! Military Intelligence Intercepted The Deep State 16 Year Plan to Destroy America … - American Media Group (
• Dec. 31 2018 Hillary Clinton was reported executed at GITMO for Crimes Against Humanity. In Joe Biden’s Obituary found on it says he also died at GITMO in 2018. Real Raw News claims it was for Crimes Against Humanity. BQQQM!!! Shocking Video Claims Joe Biden’s Obituary Found on, Declares Death in 2018 at Guantánamo Bay: The Deep State Conspiracy Unveiled - American Media Group (
• Sat. 15 June 2024: The Road to Guantanamo Bay for Global Elite – Welcome to Guantanamo Bay, Home Sweet Home! - American Media Group (

A passionate seeker of the TRUTH who definitely was not created 2 fit In I definitely was created 2 stand out"

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October/November, potentially overloading the mental template with stimuli. This can influence consciousness positively, yet it may also disrupt alignment with your higher selves as the ego grows denser both psychologically and chemically. As one approach's this peak, you encounter a new balance of racing thoughts and grounded intuition. Thus, it is crucial to decelerate when making decisions during this period, especially those with enduring impacts on your reality. You are in a stage of enormous quickening. Stay in your hearts. Stay grounded. We thank you for your time.
Iawat An Sha - Arcturian
( Alexander Quinn )

A passionate seeker of the TRUTH who definitely was not created 2 fit In I definitely was created 2 stand out"

The present moment's energy serves as a profound trial for many. The heightened vibrations and intensified electromagnetism increasingly stimulate the nervous system and, subsequently, the brain. In a brief span, you are becoming a superconductor of energy, and your mental template follows suit. This immense surge, akin to a potent drug, channels into the brain, particularly from now until
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What and Where is the building in Q post? 9.9.24

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What is the Federal Reserve?

🇺🇸 Edward Griffin, author, CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND
It’s not a Government Agency.
It has the APPEARANCE of it being a Government Agency..
It does have the POWER of government
because Congress voted to give the power of enforcement to it.
But in its essence, underneath it,
[They] drew up the rules & regulations..
to self-regulate their own industry, which is what CARTELS do.
Sent it to congress.. FEDERAL RESERVE ACT.
Congress passed it into law
& that’s why WE THINK it’s a government agency.
If you don’t obey the rules THEY set down for their own industry

@ WarNuse
August 1976, The House Banking Committee Staff Report
Lists The Original Federal Reserve Board Members.
Every Single Name Was An Associate Of Nathan Mayer Rothschild,
One Of The Five Sons
Of The Second Generation Rothschild Banking Dynasty.
(16. September, 1977 – 28. July, 1836)

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not quite...Don Harron as "Charlie Farquharson"

(...)"Whom ever is navigating these storms and waters with us, we are aboard, and on deck, because alas~ WWG1WGA" ~R

we have a few good men of that Qaliber🍿❤️🤲

This my final decision is not necessarily the last one I'm going to make!

I am a 74 yr old child of GOD I am a patriot and I believe in morals that GOD says we should live by.

Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? - Matthew 6:25-27

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not Juneteenth GOD bless

My Twitter account was suspended. I don't understand English. I can speak Japanese only. BUt I want to know The world. I enjoy outsider✨💖✨

A passionate seeker of the TRUTH who definitely was not created 2 fit In I definitely was created 2 stand out"

✨ Quick Energy Check-in 🔥✨

✨ Dizziness
✨ Sleep pattern fluctuations
✨ Appetite fluctuations
✨ Back aches
✨ Itchy skin / scalp
✨ Joints ache
✨ Crazy dream space 🌌
✨ Starseeds feeling homesick 🌌🛸💖

🔥 And lots more "physical symptoms", than I can word out in a single post.
Sharing this, so y'all know you're not alone, nor crazy. This Energy Shift is legit happening 🔥

What symptoms are you currently experiencing ?! Feel free to share below 👇💛

As always,
Take only what resonates 💫

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